General terms and conditions

Preamble (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) is a booking website that offers internet users tourism, leisure and entertainment services (hereinafter referred to as “the service”) carried out in partnership with My Asian Trip's local service providers.

These conditions include the following information:

o    The means of reproduction and archiving of these conditions

o    The legal notices of the website

o    The general condition of use of the website

o    The different stages to follow for the reservation of services

o    Prices

o    Payment security methods

o    Details on the modalities for exercising the right of withdrawal,

My Asian Trip reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time, without notice, under the condition that said modifications will not be applicable to orders previously accepted and confirmed by My Asian Trip. Therefore, the conditions, which can be updated and changed at any time, must be regularly consulted and apply as soon as they are updated for any new orders.

Any booking or order made on the website implies the full and entire acceptance of these conditions and the payment of sums due for bookings that have been made and confirmed.

These conditions are addressed to a consumer who disposes of their full legal capacity, they are presented in English.

Presentation of My Asian Trip

My Asian Trip is a Limited Liability Company with a capital of €10,000, registered office at 31 rue Louis Marchaisseau - 37390 Mettray, registered in the French Trade and Corporate Register (R.C.S.) under number: 822 931 861

• Company email address:

My Asian Trip is registered in the Register of Travel Operators in France under number IM037220006.

In doing so, My Asian Trip has taken out insurance with GAN Assurances, 8-10 rue d'Astorg 75008 Paris and benefits from financial guarantee from the company APST, 15 avenue Carnot 75017 Paris.

1- The different steps to follow to book a service

Booking services can only be done online on My Asian Trip’s website. The steps to follow to book an activity are as follows:

1.1 The internet user's selection of one or several services in the available dates.

The available dates for services are constantly updated on the website. However, My Asian Trip cannot guarantee the availability of all services for all dates given.
When booking, the payment card is only debited once the booking confirmation has been sent to the client. The contract is established from the moment the booking confirmation is sent to the client by My Asian Trip.

Some services may be subject to restrictions (minimum age, minimum number of participants, etc.), it is up to users to check and make sure they meet the conditions listed on the site.

It is also the responsibility of each user to make themselves aware of the formalities to be carried out for the time spent in the destination country(ies) (healthcare, visas, insurance, etc.)

1.2 Prices

Unless otherwise specified, the prices on the website are in euros, inclusive of all taxes, per person.
Some transactions may incur banking fees depending on the bank of the user, it is the responsibility of the user to contact their bank to find out the different amounts and modalities.

The prices on the website are susceptible to change without notice, and only become definitive at the conclusion of the contract.

1.3 Customer account and identification

The user undertakes to fill in the form requested by the website. If the user does not answer all obligatory questions, they cannot proceed to the next step.

The user undertakes to supply accurate answers. In the case of any errors, they can inform My Asian Trip at
In no case can My Asian Trip be held responsible for an error on the information supplied by a customer.

1.4 Validation

A summary appears on the screen. It includes the essential information for the service, the user and the price.

The user must confirm that all the information is correct and accept the conditions in order to record the reservation.

1.5 Payment

The payment is made in euros, either by card or by bank transfer via a secured platform. My Asian Trip absolves itself of any liability that may arise in a transfer of data failure between the user and the bank provider.

Only the amount corresponding to available and confirmed services is charged. When purchasing several services, if one of them is not available, it will not be charged, but the others will.

If at the time of booking the user does not know their pick-up point, the price of the service will be calculated using an average price. 
The user undertakes to inform My Asian Trip of their pick-up point no less than two weeks before the date of the service. If the user's pick-up location is not within the standard collection zone (see “additional information” for each excursion), My Asian Trip reserves the right to allocate a pick-up location based on the service and the customer’s accommodation.

1.6 Service confirmation

Available service:
The average time for processing a booking is 2 working days (this depends on the local providers). After the confirmation from the providers, My Asian Trip will send a confirmation email to the user confirming the important information. Reminder: The contract is established from the moment the booking confirmation is sent to the client by My Asian Trip. It is from this moment that My Asian Trip will be able to collect the corresponding amount.

Unavailable service:
In the event of an unavailable service (availability of providers, on site weather conditions, etc.), the contract will not be established, and the user will then be informed by email or phone as soon as possible.

The collection of payment for the service will then be cancelled, no compensation can be offered.

1.7 Voucher

After receipt of the booking confirmation and provided the collection of payment is confirmed by My Asian Trip, the user will receive a voucher for each reserved service.

The user will then have to print this voucher and present it to their guide or host at the start of the service.

1.8 Modification or cancellation

Any cancellation of a booking is possible, except for mentioned services. However, cancellation fees may apply in certain conditions. When cancelling, an email will be sent to you with the amount of fees incurred.

In general:

For ticketing and services corresponding to a special period: neither refundable nor changeable.

For all excursions and packages (excluding any eventual administrative fees):

o    If the service is cancelled more than 30 working days before the reserved date, a €0 cancellation fee per service will apply,

o    If the service is cancelled between 15 and 30 working days before the reserved date, a 25 % cancellation fee will apply,

o    If the service is cancelled between 8 and 14 working days before the reserved date, a 50 % cancellation fee will apply,

o    If the service is cancelled between 7 and 4 working days before the reserved date, a 75 % cancellation fee will apply.

o    If the service is cancelled less than 4 working days before the reserved date, a 100 % cancellation fee will apply.

Nevertheless, each hotel operates their own cancellation policy, this will be studied on a case by case basis according to your request.

Requests must be sent to
It is made clear that My Asian Trip is under no circumstances obliged to accept such a request and cannot guarantee the availability of providers.

As a result of an event outside of our control, providers may have to change or cancel the terms and dates of certain services.
In such a situation, My Asian Trip will do everything possible to inform the user in order to find the most suitable solution. This information will be confirmed to the user, in writing, who will have to advise on their choice as soon as possible. If My Asian Trip's new offers do not satisfy the user, they can request a complete refund of the booked service.

1.9 Guides

During high season, My Asian Trip reserves the right to allocate an English-speaking guide. The availability of guides speaking other languages on site is uncertain depending on the season and the country.
In any case, My Asian Trip will do all necessary to ensure that the language of the guide is the language chosen by the user during booking.

1.10 Excursion duration        

The duration of excursions includes transfer time.
The duration of transfers may vary depending on the location of hotels, traffic and any other event outside of our control (marriage, strike, village festival, etc.).

2 - Archiving methods and contract access

We will archive contracts, vouchers and invoices in a reliable and sustainable format.

You have the right to access these documents for an order more than or equal to €120.

3 - Use of vouchers to service providers

After receipt of the voucher(s), the user must print and keep it/them until meeting their driver, guide or host. ID may be requested to avoid any fraudulent use of voucher(s).

If the user is unable to present their voucher at the agreed time and date, they cannot benefit from the service (except on the amicable agreement directly with the provider on site), there will be no refunds.
Any started service that was then abandoned before the end will be considered as used and will not be refunded.

4 - Withdrawal

Pursuant to article L 121-21-8, 12° of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal can only be exercised for contracts comprising of “accommodation services, other than residential accommodation, goods transportation, car rentals, catering or leisure activities that must be provided on a specified date or period”.

As long as the order for tourist, leisure and entertainment services that must be provided on a specified date or period, the user does not have the right to withdraw.

5 - Responsibility and complaints

The articles below are applicable to services in their field of application:

Article L.211-16:

“Any natural or legal person who is involved in the operations mentioned in Article L.211-1 is rightfully liable towards the purchaser for the correct execution of the obligations of this contract, whether this contract has been concluded in person or not and whether these obligations are to be executed themselves or by another service provider, without prejudice to their right to claim against said agents and in the limit of anticipated damages set out by international conventions.

However, it may absolve itself of all or part of its liability by providing evidence that the breach or improper execution of the contract is attributable either to the purchaser or to unforeseeable and insurmountable factors of a third party outside the supply of services set out in the contract, or a case of force majeure.”

Article L.211-17:

“Article L.211-16 does not apply to natural or legal persons for booking or sale transactions, concluded remotely or not, not in a tourist package as defined in Article L.211-2, relating to either air transport security, or regular-line tickets.”

For any questions or complaints relating to the application of this contract, contact the following email address:, by post to the following address: My Asian Trip, La Forterie, 37390 Mettray.

6 - Customer reviews

After having used the service, My Asian Trip customers will be asked to evaluate the quality of the service. Evaluations and opinions may be published on the service's description form.

7 - Insurance and financial guarantee

My Asian Trip LLC has taken out professional indemnity insurance with GAN Assurances, 8-10 rue d'Astorg 75008 Paris.

My Asian Trip LLC has taken out financial guarantee cover with APST, 15 avenue Carnot 75017 Paris.

8 - Nullification

The nullification of a contractual clause will not lead to the nullification of the conditions, unless it is an impulsive and decisive clause that led one of the parties to enter into the sales contract.

Temporary or permanent non-compliance with one or several general clauses by My Asian Trip LLC cannot lead to the waiving of other terms, which continue to be in effect.

9 - Applicable law

The complete contractual relationship between My Asian Trip and the user, resulting from the application of these conditions and any related disputes, whatever the nature, will be, in all respects, subject to French law.

Any disputes between My Asian Trip and the user, originating in the execution of these contractual relations, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.

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