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mercredi 30 décembre 2009

What time is it?

Singe montre
"What are they doing? They're late!"

jeudi 24 décembre 2009

Prachuap Khiri Khan - Thailand

When you are a tourist in Thailand but it is similar in almost all warm countries, every time you come to the hotel lobby, you have two options. Sleeping in a room "with a fan and strength, I imagine spending the night with a girl hysterical shouting my name interspersed with small screaming wonder autographs and trying to tear my shirt. But intelligence made, it is not such a fan of , just a gadget with 3 propellers turning on the ceiling to give a semblance of air. Or to have the air con. It seems that most people choose this option ...
So, I awake my night with air con, I take my little bf then leave my guesthouse American Management Station Hua Hin. Objective: to win Prachuap Khiri Khan, 80 km south. Travel time by train: 1:30, outdoor temperature: 33 ° C. Only here do not need snow or take the Eurostar for a train is late. Mine will be in 2:30. Ask me why I did not understand the explanations in the Thai speaker. Once mounted on the train, it is a 3rd class a little complicated to get a seat but I'm getting. And it always amazes me, yet this is not the first time it happens but the family that shares the two benches facing each other with me, now proposes to share the sticky rice they come from buy a street vendor, now drink their water bottles. While we do not know and they do not speak a word of English. It would never happen in the RER that! Or I'd suspicious.
Station Prachuap Khiri Khan is a little on the same model as that of Hua Hin but smaller and without a large photo of the king in his shirt style Magnum without the mustache. I get off my car and decided to take my suitcase as a major in the streets of the city. Looking for a guesthouse or hotel forgotten by the Lonely Planet or the Backpacker both rare they cite do not trigger their enthusiasm or are overly priced a bit high compared to those I habit. In fact there are mainly three major hotels on the seafront and all are in the same price (650 baht for air-conditioned room and more if sea view) and then I found a bit more in the city Nopporn Hotel (in my opinion does not look for a meaning in English is the name of Thai). For 400 baht, I find myself in a spacious room with a king size bed ", the most comfortable bed in which I stayed up there with bathroom with hot water, TV , air conditioning and free wifi. All in a brand new property with a small pool below. And seafront 2 minutes walk. Clearly my best option since my arrival in Thailand. And I must say that it falls somewhat (the word is right) when you know that I'm going to stay a little longer than expected. But pending. You know the reason for this prolonged stay in the next episode of misadventures, uh sorry adventures in Asia by Michael ...
Prachuap Khiri Khan

dimanche 20 décembre 2009

Hua Hin, fishermen village ?

220 km south from Bangkok, Hua Hin was there a few decades a simple and modest fishing village. Today, there are still a few that passed near the pier but the city, at least for his part along the coast, is mostly become a major tourist center. But interesting feature, tourists are also present for many Thais. This is their first destination to go to sea
People like me who chose the train (average 50 km / h), arrive in town by his pretty wooden station painted yellow and red to his right a huge portrait of the king, not in his coat embroidered with gold, but traditional holiday trips to the moods in his shirt, red with palm trees and a cap. Opposite the station, a wide avenue decorated with lanterns and after the main access to the beach, lined with small shops selling handicrafts and beachwear. And of course the glaciers that provide cones adorned with coconut balls for 10 baht. The sand is fine, white, turquoise blue sea, and also broken by time of day, more or less advanced on the stretch of sand. In the morning she leaves little room for guests to spread out their towels and their bodies glow. But this is not very serious, most are still sleeping. Before 10 am, Hua Hin is very quiet. It crosses few farangs.
Plage Hua Hin Thailande
And on the beach, the few shadows offered by the palm trees are very demanded.Aux peak at the beginning and end of the afternoon, thanks to the position of the sun, the shade of trees around, earns much of Beach qque so everyone can find its place no sun. It is very well organized! When there's more people, the sea is the lowest range to allow the widest possible and the shadows are optimal. It jolly well screwed. One can also go horseback riding, just like on the postcards, the flying hair, the horse's hooves striking the fringes of the waves. Or if you're ever mounted on a nag of his life, like me, it can be used as a taxi to take us back to the beach, when exhausted after traveling 4 km on foot to see a Buddha standing we saw at the end of the cove and looked much closer than it really is, so we do not have the courage to remake the way the other way.
 Hua Hin Thaïland Beach
What is amusing is to observe differences in behavior on the beach between Westerners and Thais. On the one hand, it was the clan of farangs, lying to sunbathe or swim with application in water in a swimsuit style and the other was the clan of thais who are much more restless, obviously much more fun, splash, chase each other, play with their children and bathe for the most part in T-Shirt see fully clothed. The first when the sea is rough, or are rarely a toe, the latter rather play in the whirlpool of waves. Thai children seem incredibly happy to be here and parents to share these moments with them.
Children Hua Hin thailand
Children Hua Hin beach thailane
And next, there's this neighborhood clearly intended to westerners, with inscriptions in English, certainly, but also in German, Swedish, Finnish, apparently, it is mainly they who come here on vacation. And in the middle of a small neighborhood bar hostess, a little less murky than Sukhumvit or Koh Samui. Prostitution, whether it should be present is less clear. Finally, if you're not interested at the beach and bars, you might want to see me as the view over the city from a proposed nearby hill (Khao Hin Lek Fai view point). Getting there on foot is not a super good idea, I assure you even if it is feasible. It is only 3 km but it climbs and Hua Hin, it is hot, very hot. Too even between 12h and 15h. Anyway, once on top, one point of view is a bridge layout and deserted (nobody comes up here but fools like me, apparently). And there is a view across the city. A small tree makes you a shadow, a little breeze, ideal for a quick nap. And there is the golden standing Buddha from the end of the beach, of course. Otherwise it must be conveyed.
Hua Hin Thailand - view
The fishing village has changed, Hua Hin has become a tourist town, but unlike other major tourist resorts of Thailand, here there is room for Thais who continue to go there in droves. They come for several days or for the weekend. Hopefully the city will not be completely transformed into a city to tourists making it inaccessible to the Thai scholarships.

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Hua Hin Thailande

samedi 19 décembre 2009

The painter of heights

peintre Wat Arun

vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Unequal guns

soldat Bangkok

mardi 15 décembre 2009

Take a photo

Wat Po-feet bouddha

lundi 14 décembre 2009

Visiting Bangkok on the Chao Praya

It's funny, these girls are waiting for the bus Sukhumvit and oddly do not watch the shot of the street to monitor the arrival of their coach, but watch the passers-by on the side of the sidewalk. In my opinion, they are for anything other than to use public transport. But I do not see anything. I should ask them one day ...
Today I will visit the famous monuments of Bangkok that I abandoned the last time. The Wat Phra Keo, Grand Palace, the Buddha of Wat Po and Wat Arun. And I add my boat mode displacement favorites. So until then Metro Saphan Taksin skytrain and I take the Chao Phraya River Express to Tha Tang, the stop of the Grand Palais. Finally, express, yes when you are on board because the wait is not fast at all. It costs 34 baht, whatever the route. And buying a ticket is vaiment based on trust. We must beg the transaction that happens, otherwise, in my opinion you can travel to the eye. It must be said that the boat is very full, as people stand clutching the handles or bars as in any bus. So even with an excellent memory and a diet rich in phosphorus, it is difficult to know who bought a ticket or not.
Chao Praya Express
I'm going down and at the entrance of the Grand Palais special "Foreigners". I buy a ticket. The most expensive I've ever taken since my arrival in the country (350 Baht) and passes the portico of the rating foreigner always, mixed couples form again a few meters away. Wow, there are the world! Wat Phra Keo, it shines, it's overload decorations but it is beautiful, I must confess. I shoot a lot with my little camera: the statues, buildings, and even the golden chedi replica of the temple of Angkor. Longer need to go at once, cool hey, that to save! The sun is EXTREMELY hard, my water bottle is empty unbelievable speed; This is not evaporating, it's me that wood and wood and wood yet. Although I rarely quenches thirst with water as hot dip without having a bag of tea.
Bangkok - Wat Phra Keo
Bangkok - Wat Phra Keo statue
The Grand Palace impresses me less. I had fun watching the parade guards in white uniforms visibly for folklore and the sublime young Russian girl who asked her mother to immortalize all the facades of the building by taking a pose worthy of a fashion show and I got out of the enclosure towards Wat Pho. He had missing. This time, layer or not, I'll visit the Buddha! Then I embarked for the modest sum of 3 baht on the shuttle that goes from this shore up its counterpart across the nearest Wat Arun. That, s it's done, I saw all the monuments must-see in Bangkok. I can go back to France! Finally, no, I think I'll stay and finally go see the sea
Bangkok - Grand Palais Palace
Wat Po - bouddha
Re-Chao Phraya Express, re-skytrain and I'm back to PB Hotel after a short stop in my massage room favorite.

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vendredi 11 décembre 2009

The Butcher of Phitsanulok

boucher Pisanulok

Chiang Mai the 300 temples city

The "northern capital" seems to haved a very good reputation among Thai. Much more than Bangkok. Shortly before arriving, you feel already the face of landscape change. The mountains are becoming more present and more and more arrogant, more rise to the sky. Well not yet anyway but the Pyrenees. In the north, nature is present, forests denser, more beautiful. Thailand A wilder somehow. And what also makes the charm of Chiang Mai are the moat around a whole district of the city in a perfect square.
During our short stay there, it's me who serves as co-pilot and Tik leading course. We were setup in the rally, timed and less. And I must say that the two planes of Lonely Planet, I easily managed to lead us to each of our destinations. Once understood that the inner perimeter and outer perimeter of the fortified part of the city have their own sense of movement and positioning our hotel on the map, I am ready to yell three words necessary to make a good living in Thailand GPS. "Dong Bai" (straight), "kua" (right) and "sai" (left). First destination, the famous Doi Suthep.
Plant on top of a mountain, is the most famous temple in Chiang Mai. During the ascent by a winding road to give you the runs, one crosses seriously sick, uh no, I meant great athletes who had attacked them bikes. And they were all farangs. He should not know there were like that for 7 km. No Thai would do this climb by a bicycle. I noted Tik. "Crazy Farang ". We've arrived. We park the car and quickly before we find a long stairway with handrails on each c4te dragons are huge. And we go for the red carpet. More impressive than that of Cannes, I assure you. Especially for Tik which stops three times to catch his breath (I told him no but there is an elevator on the side). Me with my old address is a bit like coming home at night after work, the notes in the mail less. And as usual in Thailand, foreigner that I am required to pay an entrance fee (30 baht), for it is gatuit. It does not shock me, I'm not going to worship but to visit. The temple is very popular with Thai and like all the monuments of this type while gilding the sommum the golden chedi its being covered with gold and height of sophistication matched his yellow scaffolding of art worthy of detail and the any accessory fashion victim respectable.
I flounder again the ritual candles and incense sticks and then returned with Tik in buildings or a monk we splashes of his sticks hardened in water by reciting lyrics that I think we do want but good. Then I handed him my right fist and he tied a small cotton bracelet still around with a few words whose rhythm is a little incantation. I want to know the symbolism of these rituals, but the few Englishmen know that my companion does not allow me to explain. From the terrace of the temple was a magnificent view over the city of Chiang Mai. Finally, in theory because in the morning, there is a cope of mist that gives you rather a ghostly vision of the city. But actually after the end of the afternoon is more clear.
Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai
chedi Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai
I will briefly on a visit to the Pumping House, a resident of Winter King, who presents no particular interest unless you love flower gardens. For cons, the stage at the Zoo whose pride is their panda couple and their little Lin Ping has revealed a nice step. More than I think. I found my soul child. Finally, after initially hate Chaung Chuang, dad panda, only to be visible to visitors and slept like a mass, presenting us not to admire his posterior. After a long wait, I am determined to let his dreams of cotton, or bamboo, is a panda anyway. And I do not know what an inspiration, just before the door, I decided to turn back just to check one last time if he was sleeping. And I introduced myself to him, he stood up and took a few steps back to bed but was opposite me. Chuang Chuang the nice fact! I then photograph the tigers, lions, koalas. I was a kid. Must say that this zoo is not bad at all. Without comparison with that of Bangkok! Here too, the input is two times more for farangs as the thais as usual but hey, it is often the rule here and we can understand it.
Zoo Chiang Mai - panda Chuang Chuag
The second day is temple day ! We went to see 7 which is not as many, I say when you think Tik is that there are more Sat king wat (300 temples) in the city. Those who are worth more to me the detour, the U-Mong, a little outside of Chiang Mai, which is surrounded by nature in a beautiful park with a pond with fish and turtles had mustaches. Below the platform with the brick chedi lies galleries with Buddhist altars and from time to time, head down, bat hanging. A very pleasant place (apart from the galleries for those who are afraid of Friends of Batman), or I suggest you take a little break relaxation. Otherwise, wat me most is the brand Ched Yot. The bodihsattwas, saints associated with Buddhism, carved on the walls of wihaan are superb. I photograph each of those who had not lost his head.
Chang Mai-Wat Jet Yod
Chang Mai - Wat Jet Yod
Chiang Mai - wat Jet Yot
I guess that Chiang Mai has many other treasures to offer. Because of the company and I did not like it as much walking as I do, I have not done one of my trips to the famous blind the camera strap. Yet the night with the reflection of lights in the water of the moat, there surely has to make beautiful pictures. Normally at the end of my trip, after Cambodia, I intend to return again in Thailand and the North should stop here again a few days.

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mercredi 9 décembre 2009

Go to Chiang Mai !

I had not seen already to go to Chiang Mai but many farangs I Sukhothai meetings including me have spoken particularly of Doi Sutep. So, I wanted to go see for myself. Back to Phitsanulok to take the train to the northern capital. Finally, in theory because I finally opted for a way to get there the fastest with a few stops to visit temples crossed Started: me driving by Tik. She moved with me for three days over there and I accepted. And, you say: "It's always eager to learn English it is helpful if it happens or something between them?". I think you have the answer ...
In the morning, here we stand and we launch the "Go to Chiang Mai!" playful. And it left for a trip much longer than I thought. party at 8:30, we arrived destination 16h PAST. En route we stopped to buy a aan-chao (small-bf) and then to take the aan-tiang (reps pm) and visit temples because passing els we have touver beautiful. The first was evidently a newly built and nearly had a lot less charm but the second was more in the style of the north. Ie with higher roofs, with peaks greater. And every time we got back in the beige Toyota, we reproduce our battle cry: "Go to Chiang Mai!"
Temple Chiang Mai area
Once arrived, the time to take our neighborhoods in the hotel the night is falling. We Helona a sanglaew and assemble at the rear towards the Night Market. I buy a white shirt and we settle das restaurant where I ordered a plate of ox red curry, desiring to find the flavor that I took from time to time in the small, tiny Thai restaurant near my work. Some strolling through the alleys and subtly lighted walking back to the hotel for a well deserved rest especially for the driver. Tomorrow, "Go to Doi Suthep!"

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dimanche 6 décembre 2009

These tourists!

Bonze If Satchanalai

samedi 5 décembre 2009

Visit of Sukhothai

After a one hour journey by bus (30 baht), here I am in "Bus Terminal to Sukhothai". In fact, the city suffers from a personality disorder. There is the Sukhothai and its temples visited by tourists and a modern city New Sukhothai with its guest houses. This time, I opted for a bungalow at the Garden House.
Awakening at dawn. The first rays of sun made me emerge from my sleep. I swallow corn flakes floating in a bowl of milk with a touch of honey and gp for adventure. I take the bus to Sukothai Historical Park (20 baht) E
 Sukothai Historical Park
The Sukothai Historical Park is enclosed in a chamber of three successive walls with two moats that today, for what remains, have lost their character impassable. There are three major areas of access that each claim a right of entry to 100 baht. Generally visitors simply go in the The historical park in itself is pleasant and peaceful stroll in the alleys and the temples and stone Buddhas incredibly well preserved. You can rent bikes (made it once you are inside, otherwise it will cost you 10 baht per cycle to bring them in ) but you know my taste for walking and event if the plan they gave you at the entrance gives you the impression of a huge complex, you will can easily do it by feet.
Sukhothai Historical Park
Sukhothai /> <br /> < img src=
There are few just a few visitors. This is surprising. And it's really a place where it is easy to make contacts with other travelers. They all go in the same places, including Poo Restaurant (where ice creams are delicious) and the bus to the historic city. I also have discussed with the only persons I met who were disappointed by Thailand and guess what, they were French!

jeudi 3 décembre 2009

Thai shadows

Lopburi Monkey Business has ...

mardi 1 décembre 2009


Phitsanulok (do not pronounce the t if you want to say like the locals) is the nearest town of Sukhothai reachable by train. That makes it a qite mandatory way to the ancient main city of Siam kingdom. Tourists generally stay only for the night before taking the bus.
It is a big city with no taxi but with slamlaws, schools, temples and a very few cyber cafe or Internet shops, at least in the area I stayed. Because of its size and appearance, the agglomeration does not have the endearing charm of Lopburi and offers a limited number of attractions to tourists. The most famous is the Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat Buddha Chinnarat whose statue is the most revered and copied over the country.
Wat if Phra Ratana Mahathat Buddha Chinnarat
That said if you have a car or a another vehicule, it is interesting to go outside the city to see the mountains and the numerosu waterfalls. In Phitsanulok, I did not get to do a lot of interesting pictures apart those of this military ceremony.
Vendeuse walk Phisanulok
 Soldier adjusting the cap