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lundi 30 novembre 2009

A train to Phitsanulok

That's it I decided to leave and Lopburi monkeys and continue my journey north. I played a few months the mode backpacker this time around. I took a train ticket to first class. The ticket is four times more expensive but the journey takes less than 1:40 and important thing when you have traveler's, there are toilets in the car.
Once up, it's a bit like the plane, each his car with his hostess uniform. No need to buckle because of no planned takeoff or turbulence but no smoking. The hostess does not make grand gestures for us to mount the safety precautions and emergency exits but it serves up meal tray. It is included in the price. I confess that I did not expect. Plus it is very good. And then my hostess is very nice. I started to rethink the male fantasy of the stewardess and I say it's common.
The air is conditioned, the car like a well maintained car TER, without tags, passengers are half Thai, half farang, certainly moist-moist regrapoupe being on the same bench. each has its appointed place. Mine is rated window (and this time not to wing me block the view) the front occupied by a monk. In recent days I'm in Thailand, I wonder about them. Their rules of life. It would not take the train a monk in the first class in France. Having a laptop or mp3 telephoen, I know but the first class is a bit distant from the image I have of the monastic life. If they do not vow of chastity and are popular with the girls, I'll seriously think about becoming orange and shaved ;). More seriously, I must inform myself on the lives of monks ...
Here I am, now has Phitsanulok.

vendredi 27 novembre 2009


mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Sleep in peace ...

Chien watching over bouddha

Lopburi, a quiet town

Saying that Lopburi's vestiges of the past, its Khmer-style temples worth the detour, would be a lie. Especially when you come from Ayutaya, they seem rather bland. Rest the monkeys thats are everywhere in the city like they own it. Nevertheless Lopburi is a charming typical provincial town.
Lopburi - Khmer temple
Here I think I really discover what life is in Thailand. Not that like in Bangkok, the excessive Bangkok, the effervescent Bangkok, but the simple and calm. With its schoolchildren everywhere, its market that get installed in a few minutes in the streets, its fitness classes from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM, its games of a sport I did not exactly grasped the rules, its food stalls along the main street , the dance of two wheels vehicules, the laughts and smiles of its students ... A simple city which comes alive each day differently.
Lopburi-market ambulante
Lopburi-march nuit
 Lopburi-food stand
Next step: Phitsanulok, tomorrow or after tomorrow.

dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Two days in Ayuthaya

At the Baan Lotus guest house, behind the counter, there is a table with the rooms and for each the country of occupant and the numbers of days or it will be there. A little like the Eurovision contest. And fI have to admit that it is the Germans who occupied most places.
The first thing that impressed me here is that the nights are very cold and there is sometimes a strong wind. So, in the middle of my first night here, I rushed to my bag to take the two sweatersI have and put them on. And the next day, I requested for a blanket in addition to the small beautifully embroidered sheet I have in my room. And I was the only guest to do that.
Each day, after awakening because of the cockcrow (there are four of them) and taking a cold shower ( no hot water ), I went to the city and the temples. I did stop at the "the island" where the most popular temples are. For instance, the Wat Phra Si Sanphet and its three chedis that are on all the representations of the city. I slip through small roads, small bridges to discover the quieter corners like Wat Pho and the Wora Lokai Sutha a little behind these very popular temples.
Ayutaya Wora Wat Ram
Ayutaya Wat Woratcheta Ram
In ayutaya, there are dogs wandering everywhere, they howl to death the night. We also can see a lot of different ways of locomotion, from the ride on elephant back to cyclotaxis or taxis or bikes people rent at their guest houses or small shops in the cityand of course the traditional tuk-tuk. Here, they are a little different from those of Bangkok. The front they have like a shark nose and a neater decoration. The benches are also disposed to accommodate more passengers. And until they are not 100% busy, the driver may stop at any time to complete his loading.
Ayutaya - tuk-tuk
Outside the island, I mostly retained, Wat Naphra Meru that also has a head of Buddha imprisoned in a tree that guides do not mention ( the one guides talk about is at War Ratburana ).
Ayutaya header, bouddha
But my favorite Wat here is the Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol. In addition at 8:45 am, there is almost nobody. And to have this temple, its two great stone Buddhas on each side of the building and the square with smaller statues of Buddha around for yourself alone it is wonderful.
Ayutaya-Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol
 Ayutaya - Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol
And at the evening, what's going on in Ayutaya ? Well it is quiet. Restaurants and bars (almost exclusively frequented by tourists) are on Soi 5. I have my habits at Tony's Place, which is also guest house (the beef with ginger, slurp slurp, yammy !). The owner is very friendly. It seems that there is a discotheque in Ayutaya Hotel but I did not go.

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

In the park ...

Petite girl in the park Bangkok

Night going down on Bangkok

Since my first day in the Bangkok and my stop at Wat Po in late after-noon, I had in a corner of my head the idea of coming back a little after 5 PM to listen to the prayer of the monks and see the night coming slowly on the temple. Today is done and frankly, I recommend you to do the same!
Around teatime, I was back at Hua Lampong. I stayed a little in the station, photographed the few monks then rushed into the city. In fact, I did not found a taxi driver or tuk-tuk available so I said to myself "I'll walk and we'll see." Beautiful inspiration. I quickly found myself in Chinatown and in the avenue where I arrived, you'd really have the impression that you changed country by seeing the accumulation of signs in Chinese. I am fascinated by this area more alive at least at this time. Suddenly, to my left, I see a street that seems to be the beginning of a market which is more a bazaar that a market in deed. It is very dense and very common. The items are even more diverse than at the Night Bazaar and it seems larger. I crawl in the aisles with joy, capturing a little of this life and the excitement around me. I love these places where yo can sense the life of the city !
Bonze-station Bangkok
Bangkok -- Chinatown walking
I finally get out the market and catch a tuk-tuk. I negotiate the price. Not long since it is already very reasonable for a trip to Wat Po. For people who do not know these special taxis: I think they're based on a motor of motorcycle but they have 3 wheels, a cockpit for the driver with a handlebar and not a wheel and a small platform covered in the rear with a seat for passengers. Quick, they also weave very well in traffic and you can get from one point to another in a record time. And it shakes. The suspensions are rudimentary. It is the way of transportation the most expensive (and loudest) that you can take in the Thai capital, but also the most typical.
It is already 5:20, I go directly into the temple where the monks make their prayer. There are many more people than the last time. The ceremony ended. I go out and walk in the aisles. There are only very few visitors. The place is almost as intimate as the light gradually decrease. It's peaceful, quiet, relaxing. Away from the heat and fever of tourists during the rest of the day. Really, I think it's the best time to visit this temple. Maybe not to take pictures but to visit. And tuk-tuk again to Hua Lampong station. A Singha, a dish of fried rice, a bath and go to bed! ;)
Wat inch by night
Tomorrow after-noon I go to Ayutatya.

mardi 17 novembre 2009

Monk at the train station Hua Lampong

moine monk-station Bangkok

lundi 16 novembre 2009

First day of the trip

It is 20:06 local time, we are November 15th, this is it ( like the MJ ;ovie ) I am in Bangkok in my hotel room. I did not sleep for 30 hours. But I am not bad-tempered, no do not insist. I say : I AM NOT BAD-TEMPERED! ;)
After a train, an underground, the Roissy Bus, two planes including the famous Airbus A38O and a taxi, I can finally push the door of the room of hotel. During my two flights with a stopover in Dubai to tqke the A380, I had a place at the level of the wings. Strange, on the site, I could choose port or hall and I took port but choising the wingm I could not.
I am exhausted. I will tke a little tour in the neighbourhoodm eat qnd go to sleep....

dimanche 8 novembre 2009

j-6: the countdown has started

yes, one might say as a, he's going to pump air by an article every day J-6, J-5, J-4, 5 ... ect And Same not bin it. I am a big lazy me, I made a bad J-thingy and that's it!
So here I have my visa, my flights ethat it's more electronic ecolorectal because you have no paper ticket but you always printed so the mail for you repasseras ecology , days my flu, is a part of my itinesis, I have a manga sauerkraut � of flammenk Ches (flamed tarts es for purists Fran ais), the spa � tzles (light for the purists, demerdez you) ... In short, I'm Lending. Decollage of Paris Saturday 14. In 6 days what! Yes, it is � OA has the title, are those who follow a pleasure.
Bin Honestly, I would say that I h � you. No, because we are here and manages several on a bit when Same (if you do not know what the article "the" refers demand around you, you should be able to learn). When it does not rain. In addition, it is night 17h. The loose anything. There's just something that makes me a little scared: Is what I can find Kinder there?
Oh, I forgot, I want a good � me that I can record all episodes of e Plus belle la vie I will miss. Not coming back because if I understand nothing!

vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Cambodia- temples of Angkor - Angkor Wat

Most visited monument of Cambodia, Angkor Wat has become the emblem of the country. It is represented on the Cambodian flag. To get there, you have to go to Siem Reap, the nearest city. There are several types of passes to visit the temples including a pass 3 days ($ 60 at the time).
Then to move from temple to temple, there are several possibilities, the most comfortable I think is the taxi. For an average of 30 dollar per day, it takes you from morning to evening everywhere you want.

The main temple - Wat Anghkor
Angkor Wat - the temple - cambodia
Temple of Angkor - Buddhist monk
Bas reliefs
Temple of Angkor - cambodia
Angkor's temple - cambodia - walls

Siem Reap and Angkor

I can not say that I saw what Cambodia is during my short trip there in 2007. I only stayed there 3 days and I've been in Siem Reap to visit the temples of Angkor. But I keep a wonderful memory of this days. I really advice you to not just visit the main temple. There are about twenty temples in the area and all worth visiting.
They are in the midst of nature, sometimes really in the forest with trees that are trying to find a way among the stones. There is something peacefull, calm in this place. As soon as you visit the other temples than Angkor Wat, there are often only few tourists. Most tour operators only propose the main temple and sometimes a Banteay Srei visit. The roads to the orange earth, nature, temples, the kind of people ... I look forward to being back in Cambodia in a less touristic mode.

Cambodia - nature - road - Angkor

Counting in thai

Counting in Thaï is fairly simple to learn !
No, it's true, the principle is very simple. Just learn the numbers 1 to 10 and then say 20, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100, 000 and one million and from there, you know how to count in thaï language. After that it is just a set of additions or multiplications. Either you multiply by a figure that is set before either you add a figure that is behind. For instance 13 is said ten-three (10 +3 somehow), 30 is said three-dix (3 x 10) ect ...

Count from 1 to 10:
1 nuung
2 song
3 saam
4 sii
5 ha
6 hok
7 jet
8 bpéét
9 gaao
10 sip

Les nombres à connaitre :
20 yii sip
100 roï
1000 pan
10 000 muun
100 000 sèèn
1 000 000 laan

Compter en thailandais

My first conversation

Well as in all languages what we first seek to know how to say is the usual platitudes. Saying hello, asking the other how it goes, what's his name, also giving our surname so here is how you deal with that in thaï language for a conversation between me (yes, I am egocentric and then?) and women :

- Sawatdi krap

- Sawatdi. Sabaïdi maï kha.
Hello. how are you?

- Sabaidi. Khun la krap
I'm fine ! And you?

- Sabaidi. Di chan chue Lia. Khun chue a-raï kha?
I'm fine. My name is Lia. And you, what's your name?

- Pom Chue Michael. Pom bpen kon farangséet
My name is Michael. I am French.

Well, this is a start. If you get understood it is well!

Visa and vaccination

For Thailand, we can get a free visa at Bangkok's airport. These will be a tourist visa for a period of 30 days. Visa that can be extended at the Office of Immigration Bureau in Bangkok but if you stay more than 30 days, I suggest you apply for a visa before leaving your country for peace of mind ( it seems that certain airlines may refuse your boarding if your return ticket is beyond 30 days, there are rumors about this on Gulf Air). Note that if you go to Thailand by land, you will get a visa than 15 days (against 30 days by air), it is a recent disposition to discourage multiple outflows and inflows in the territory dating from June 2009. Since that date the 60 days visa is also free.
For Vietnam, I you really should do it before. Of countries that I'm going through, it is the one that is more complicated and for which delays are longer. Of course, you can also make your visa from a neighboring country but my advice, deal with it before leaving. There are certain travel agencies that offer visas for Vioetnam in Thailand and inflate the price significantly.
Cambodia Visa is simple to obtain at your entry into the country, just prepare 2 passport photos and about $ 25.
Otherwise regarding the vaccinations, are strongly recommended the typhoid and hepatitis A vaccination and to a lower extent the one against Japanese encephalitis. Depending on the zones you will cross the risk of malaria or dengue fever exists. Therefore it's important to protect yourself against mosquitoes and have an anti-malaria treatment. Anyway see your doctor at least one month before departure (to allow time to make vaccines and boosters).

Thaïland - Bangkok - Buddha of Wat Po