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dimanche 18 octobre 2009

Picto, to help you communicate

Well I'm finally not so capable to conduct a conversation in thai and more, I will cross other countries, I may therefore have concerns to make myself understood. Remains mime you might say.
So, I decided to find drawings of the most common things and actions and to make cards with tem that I could show to get understood. I made a dozen of them: airplane, boat, train, eat, drink, sleep ...

pictogram - ATM cash dispenser
To find a distributor and I'm not sure there will be all over everywhere ...

To sustain me ...

To find a place to sleep (except that saw the picture, they will think that I snore: ()

To find a computer with internet because otherwise what is the point of having a blog < br />
In addition to my basics in thai and my English, I should be OK.

jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Pony pony run run

This is the clip of my future holidays! Remains only to find the girl ;)
No, but it's true, the clip of this song download e tour in Thailand: tuk-tuk, the streets of Bangkok, Wat Arun, islands...