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samedi 2 mai 2009

Cambodia - Siem Reap and Angkor

I can not say I've seen what Cambodia. I only stayed three days and that I did download e to Siem Reap to visit the Angkor temples. But I keep a wonderful souvenir. I do not know too much advice not just to visit the main temple. There are twenty temples in all and all deserve respect medetour.
They are in the middle of nature, sometimes very rapidly fora t with trees that are trying to make their way among the stones. There is something soothing, calm in this place. Tomorrow we visit the temples at Angkor Wat periphery, one is often few, few tourists. Most tour operators offering only the main temple and sometimes visit Banteay Srei. The roads to the ocher earth, nature, temples, the friendly people ... Cambodia, you to go back as least as tourist mode.

Cambodia - Nature - Started

Cambodia - Angkor temples - Angkor Wat

The Most Visited Monument in Cambodia, Angkor Wat has become the Emblem of the country. It is present on the Cambodian flag.

Cambodia - Angkor temples - the Bayon

Temples Angkor-Cambodia-the bayon
Angkor Temples - Cambodia - the Bayon 2
Temples Angkor-Cambodia-the bayon 2

Cambodia - Angkor temples - Preah Khan

The Angkor temples are in the middle of the forest and nature does it reasserts itself as in this temple one can see Where to trees whose roots are inserted into the walls. A marriage between the stone and the strength of trees.
Temples Angkor-Cambodia-Preah Khan
Temples Angkor - Cambodia - Preah Khan 2
Temples Anghkor - Cambodia - Preah Khan - bas reliefs

Cambodia - Angkor Temples - Banteay Srei and the Oriental Mebong

Banteay Srei
This is a tiny temple. Less impressive in size than the others but the one with the bas-reliefs of the richest and best preserved.
 Anghkor temples - Cambodia - Banteay Srei

Mebong Oriental
The pecularity of this temple are four statues especially the elephant that lies at the 4 corners of the bulding. Temples the Cambodia-mebong oriental

Cambodia - Angkor temples - On the road

The Angkor temples are in the middle of nature. On the road one meets door with 4 Brama's head and sometimes in front a row of statues that open the road ...

 Angkor Temples - download  te door brama

Cambodia - Angkor temples - the Pre Rup

Temples Angkor-Cambodia-pre rup

Cambodia - the temples of Angkor - Ta Prom

In this temple as nature reasserts itself in places. Anecdotally, it is in this temple that Scenes of the Tomb Raider films starring Angelina Jolie were shot.

 Temples Angkor - Ta Prohm - Cambodia
Temples Angkor-Cambodia-ta prey 2

Cambodia - Angkor temples - the terrace of the elephants

There are still many temples which I have not talked in or not put the pictures. This will be for my trip to the Region in some months. For instance, Ta Som :
Temples cambodia - Ta Som

Otherwise, not far from Rubbish Bayon is, the Terrace of Elephants and the knights of leprous King.

Cambodia - Terrace of Elephants
Angkor Temples - terrace of the King Lepper - Cambodia

I'm very amber, the goal is to make you want to cover more deSame by you or follow my upcoming trip (from November) through the articles provided I will publish more on this blog.