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dimanche 26 avril 2009

A few days Thailand...

I've already been in Thailand, 2 years ago but really as a tourist and I only stayed ten days in the country.
Just enough time to fall in love and have only one desire: to return for longer, for discover more things!
I published some photos with a few quick comments as a preliminary plan of my future articles where I will go again in a few months, slightly less in tourist mode, a mode bit more curious man who comes discover culture and people, landscapes, history ...
Future articles will give you the envy to come there too, I hope. But beware the political situation is tense right now in the country. The calm remains fragile.

Bangkok temples - Wat Po and Wat Arun

That everyone holds this palace is its huge recycling Buddha.
It also houses a massage school where you can get a free massage made by students of the school.

Bangkok-temple-Wat Po Buddha couche

And on the other side on the other side lies the Wat Arun, which rises towards the sky of Bangkok.
Bangkok-temple-Wat Arun 1
Bangkok-temple-Wat Arun 2
Bangkokg - Wat Arun - statue of old sage

Bangkok: klongs

Bangkok is a diverse city and town including a e crossed by small arm of water called klongs s.
I would strongly advise you to make a boat tour ...

Bangkok them klongs
 Bangkok - the klongs 2

Bangkok - the train to Ayutthaya

It is easy to move in the Bangkok, there are amny possibilities (tuktuk, taxis, buses, metro ...) and to get out of Bangkok there are also many ways too buses or taxis while ago but don't forget the train! Inexpensive, you will discover the countryside around Bangkok.
And 80 km from the city is the site Ayutthaya I urge you to visit. Go by train, spend the day there, it will be one of the finest you will have in Thailand (if you love visiting)!

Station Bangkok
 The Bangkok Railway Station
Country side in Thai train

Ayutthaya - ancient capital of Siam

Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of the kingdom shortly before it is Sukothai (Where I have not yet had the chance to go but I will do that during my trip in a few months). This is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful.
Do not the main temple Wat Sri Samphet, go see the temples and Buddhas slept s that are behind re and do not miss taking a detour by Wat Yai Chai Mongkol.

Wat Sri Samphet
Thailande Ayutthaya-wat-Sri samphet < br /> Thailande Ayutthaya-wat-Sri samphet 2
Thailand - Ayutthaya - Wat Sri samphet 2

Wat Yai Chai Mongkol
Thailand - Ayutthaya - Wat Mongkol yai_chai 1
Thailande-Ayutthaya-Wat Mongkol yai_chai-bouddhas
 Thailand - Ayutthaya - Wat Mongkol yai_chai - Buddha
 Thailand - Ayutthaya - Wat yai_chai Mongkol 2

Thailand - the beaches and the islands

Well sure, heath Thai is also the beaches of dreams in hot water and turquoise on the South....
As Koh Samui (the only one I know for now) Thailande-Koh Samui