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mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Koh Samui Thailand, don't wake before noon...

In Koh Samui, if you walk the streets early in the morning, then it means early here before 11am, you'll meet more dogs than people. Not that there are hordes of canines that invade the island at this hour, it's just that their best friends, men are being pioncer. At the same time, for the most part they have joined their beds there a few hours. Because, yes, here, nothing is done to sleep that night. What a crazy idea at the same time awake at night, honestly! And by noon, nearly all shops and restaurants have their iron curtain for you. Lack of clients.
The night, therefore, there is something for everyone. Football fans and beer, will find many pubs offering matches in the first league (yes, English football, drink liquor stronger appreciation for the championship of France), for live music, there are also some places , with covers of the Beatles or group of horny girls in mini-skirts Coyote I know what worth more to the picture for the sound or the Reggae Pub in the early evening, for those who like girls who make you compliments and dress fairly short, there are two streets that almost no grouping hostess bars, to move the butt, there are several bars with dance floors and of course the famous Green Mango, you just love the house music that is apparently salt genre taught in school DJ Koh Samui. There's even an Ice bar if you miss the winter finally. With a cocktail called H1N1 served in a large syringe to really be like in Europe. No, just kidding but it would be an idea! Temperature inside -7 ° C. It provides you with the fleece jacket.
And the day well it beach, massage, drinks, shopping in the many shops. And you can also go see some temples on the island. I had promised myself to go to see at least one golden chedi sits atop a hill and you see from the airport runway. But before you head for the Big Buddha . He also is near the airport. Indeed there can watch planes land. A big stairs lead to the golden statue.
Big Buddha Koh Samui
Big Buddha - Koh Samui
Hence, we have a view on the Bophut Beach where the sea is much calmer than Chaweng and the endless roll but a color less engaging. Probably because of the fishing boats, many over there. I am photographing a beautiful Thai girl in white dress with flowers that thought it had done discreetly. But nothing escapes I feel great developed. In front of Buddha, at the bottom, I noticed a small inlet with statues planted in water fun. Yes, I say fun because I do not know their meaning will have to do so.
Koh Samui-statue
Then I go back into the taxi with the owner which I agreed to fight it takes me high here and the temple on the hill before you abandon me like a poor sock for the modest sum of 300 baht.
From the top of the temple was a beautiful view of the airport and on the lake with a little further along the coast. Otherwise, the building itself offers no surprises. Small thoughts are written on wooden signs and planted trees along the steps leading to the building. Often translated into German, I am beginning to wonder if it's not the second official language of Thailand, and sometimes in English but not French. I was upset and down again after the capture view.
Wat Yai Koh Samui
Aeroport Koh Samui - Bangkok Airways
Back to my hotel on foot with little break to feed me a plate of pad thai. I recrosses the Thai Big Buddha makes me a big smile, I continued my way. A hundred yards away, behind me I hear a timid "Excuse me", she asks me why I walk so fast. I answered because I have great legs but I make her know that I have noticed that she took my picture this morning, she blushed. In short, we eat together, she tells me she is a nurse at the hospital in Koh Samui and did night shifts. She even speaks some French. She posed for some pictures on the beach before work. Ah yes, I forgot she is beautiful. I'm going to immigrate here me! I was never told that I am good looking as often as in recent weeks. Handsom and looking like Harry Potter. Must believe that the apprentice magician is the fantasy of all Thais.
I visited two other wat. The Kunaram where a mummified monk has kept the spirit of the island, not that dance to house music, he died anyway, but in meditation position, he wears nice sunglasses. as what we can be dead for 40 years and stay connected!
Moine mummified-Wat Koh-Khunaram Samui
Shortly before, Wat Sammet, at the end of a path is particularly true for elements of its portico, the temple itself is small and not very interesting. It is here, a little further inland and found the quiet, nature and Thai smile at you a bit surprised that you came here rather than you sunbathe on the beach. But is that my pill, it is already quite gilded.
On the other hand, nothing is done to encourage you to come here. I first got into a taxi, telling him that I wanted to go to Wat Kunaram. He tells me with aplomb "1200 baht" to return. I have not even bothered to negotiate. I stood there and walked a few meters before getting to the back of a taxi who asked me 100 baht to drop me off there. Koh Samui Taxis to have all the flame "Taxi-meter" except that none of their meter and pricing are those who fear nothing. For 1200 baht, I can go to Chiang Mai! In short, do not ride in taxis and vans collective. It happens very regularly on major arteries.
Now I know the two faces of Koh Samui, one I would describe as Thailand and Ibiza Island quieter, more rural, where I found a contact with smiles, movements of heads with locals. For swimming, the beauty of the coastline, the prices also, I'd rather probably Koh Tao next time. Just stay to find someone to accompany me. Send your application with cover letter ...

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vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Koh Tao rai ?

For people who are not fluent in Thai, like me, a little explanation is needed. Tao rai? " means " how much it co ๛ you? " of this title or incredibly subtle! One way to announce here on the island of Koh Tao literally Turtle Island ) prices are easily 50% more expensive than on the mainland. For food, given the difficulty of routing AC can be understood very well, for hosting, in my opinion, it comes over the influx of tourists.
To make me so on this island paradise, I first descended on the coast see Sean Penn, uh not Chumphon. So what good pun it works for people who know how to pronounce the city name that is to say no if there is no West German probably none of the readers of this blog but it does not matter. I walk 4 hours in this urban area that attracts the farang as for its shuttle buses to the islands. And actually, I detect no charm, no reason even the smallest linger. In addition, it rained all night the strings! So I wake with the chickens, the next day, the girls finally home from my guesthouse, I mean. Let a 5:30 departure for a boat at 7am. The weather is always overcast and it rains a little. A little bit of Britain.
The pier is about fifteen kilometers from downtown, a bus type school bus for tourists but not half asleep pimply students coming for me. As there were more places on the fine motor super fast catamarans company Lomprayah, so I go in the same type of craft than the Chao Praya Express Bangkok. The gateway to access the bridge is wider than 50 cm and has a ramp left side of my only good arm, and spans the water for nearly 3 meters. So I embarked on a number of balance is to carry my suitcase of 25 pounds larger than the Bridge has not hold me anything. Aware that if a one time or another I missed, or my bag or me or both of us end up to the sea I pass the test and qualifies me for the next round: a session of 2:45 rollercoaster. The sea is a bit agitated, Brittany I tell you! After 15 minutes, in fact, it is dealt with plastic bags and I do not think this is to store our shoes. Nobody will use.
koh Tao pier
Reaches its destination, everyone gets his luggage on the platform (no need for walking the tightrope) and engages on a small wooden bridge. In the end, strangely no horde of taxis, tuk-tuk no (there are apparently not on the island), that people who want you to dive. But I have nothing to reproach myself! Taxis obviously, there are only private too. So I'm driving in my dorm on the beach Hat Sai Ri. This is the closest to the pier and it seems most animated and furnished. Many parts of the island remaining a priori difficult to access as having no real road.
Plage Koh Tao Thailande
Koh Tao Island
So, yes, Koh Tao's beautiful. These are picture postcard scenery with white sand beaches, turquoise sea and palm trees. For example it is very pleasant to eat in the restaurant of Dusit Buncha Resort and enjoy the view over the islands of Nag Yuan, destination of many diving clubs. It regularly crosses even small posters advertising for condoms home made and guaranteed for 20 years a certain MJ. I wonder how he handmade , I hope it's not knitting, and especially how we made the guarantee. Certainly, bars and restaurants on the beach offer an idyllic and pleasant. Although more than Chaweng in Koh Samui and the sea is calmer. And here they had the good idea not to offer jet ski rentals, the scourge of Koh Samui in my opinion. In short, for holidays, relaxing, the beach, go diving, because that's really the big attraction and specialty Koh Tao is great! However, I do not want to dwell here. Because ultimately if this is the territory of Thailand, here it really does not belong to Thai. I do not find what I like in this country. And then I probably want to continue my journey too, because STAY on this island is especially interesting when one does not come alone.
Plage KB Tao
Next step: Koh Samui ...

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