220 km south from Bangkok, Hua Hin was there a few decades a simple and modest fishing village. Today, there are still a few that passed near the pier but the city, at least for his part along the coast, is mostly become a major tourist center. But interesting feature, tourists are also present for many Thais. This is their first destination to go to sea
People like me who chose the train (average 50 km / h), arrive in town by his pretty wooden station painted yellow and red to his right a huge portrait of the king, not in his coat embroidered with gold, but traditional holiday trips to the moods in his shirt, red with palm trees and a cap. Opposite the station, a wide avenue decorated with lanterns and after the main access to the beach, lined with small shops selling handicrafts and beachwear. And of course the glaciers that provide cones adorned with coconut balls for 10 baht. The sand is fine, white, turquoise blue sea, and also broken by time of day, more or less advanced on the stretch of sand. In the morning she leaves little room for guests to spread out their towels and their bodies glow. But this is not very serious, most are still sleeping. Before 10 am, Hua Hin is very quiet. It crosses few farangs.
Plage Hua Hin Thailande
And on the beach, the few shadows offered by the palm trees are very demanded.Aux peak at the beginning and end of the afternoon, thanks to the position of the sun, the shade of trees around, earns much of Beach qque so everyone can find its place no sun. It is very well organized! When there's more people, the sea is the lowest range to allow the widest possible and the shadows are optimal. It jolly well screwed. One can also go horseback riding, just like on the postcards, the flying hair, the horse's hooves striking the fringes of the waves. Or if you're ever mounted on a nag of his life, like me, it can be used as a taxi to take us back to the beach, when exhausted after traveling 4 km on foot to see a Buddha standing we saw at the end of the cove and looked much closer than it really is, so we do not have the courage to remake the way the other way.
 Hua Hin Thaïland Beach
What is amusing is to observe differences in behavior on the beach between Westerners and Thais. On the one hand, it was the clan of farangs, lying to sunbathe or swim with application in water in a swimsuit style and the other was the clan of thais who are much more restless, obviously much more fun, splash, chase each other, play with their children and bathe for the most part in T-Shirt see fully clothed. The first when the sea is rough, or are rarely a toe, the latter rather play in the whirlpool of waves. Thai children seem incredibly happy to be here and parents to share these moments with them.
Children Hua Hin thailand
Children Hua Hin beach thailane
And next, there's this neighborhood clearly intended to westerners, with inscriptions in English, certainly, but also in German, Swedish, Finnish, apparently, it is mainly they who come here on vacation. And in the middle of a small neighborhood bar hostess, a little less murky than Sukhumvit or Koh Samui. Prostitution, whether it should be present is less clear. Finally, if you're not interested at the beach and bars, you might want to see me as the view over the city from a proposed nearby hill (Khao Hin Lek Fai view point). Getting there on foot is not a super good idea, I assure you even if it is feasible. It is only 3 km but it climbs and Hua Hin, it is hot, very hot. Too even between 12h and 15h. Anyway, once on top, one point of view is a bridge layout and deserted (nobody comes up here but fools like me, apparently). And there is a view across the city. A small tree makes you a shadow, a little breeze, ideal for a quick nap. And there is the golden standing Buddha from the end of the beach, of course. Otherwise it must be conveyed.
Hua Hin Thailand - view
The fishing village has changed, Hua Hin has become a tourist town, but unlike other major tourist resorts of Thailand, here there is room for Thais who continue to go there in droves. They come for several days or for the weekend. Hopefully the city will not be completely transformed into a city to tourists making it inaccessible to the Thai scholarships.

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