It's funny, these girls are waiting for the bus Sukhumvit and oddly do not watch the shot of the street to monitor the arrival of their coach, but watch the passers-by on the side of the sidewalk. In my opinion, they are for anything other than to use public transport. But I do not see anything. I should ask them one day ...
Today I will visit the famous monuments of Bangkok that I abandoned the last time. The Wat Phra Keo, Grand Palace, the Buddha of Wat Po and Wat Arun. And I add my boat mode displacement favorites. So until then Metro Saphan Taksin skytrain and I take the Chao Phraya River Express to Tha Tang, the stop of the Grand Palais. Finally, express, yes when you are on board because the wait is not fast at all. It costs 34 baht, whatever the route. And buying a ticket is vaiment based on trust. We must beg the transaction that happens, otherwise, in my opinion you can travel to the eye. It must be said that the boat is very full, as people stand clutching the handles or bars as in any bus. So even with an excellent memory and a diet rich in phosphorus, it is difficult to know who bought a ticket or not.
Chao Praya Express
I'm going down and at the entrance of the Grand Palais special "Foreigners". I buy a ticket. The most expensive I've ever taken since my arrival in the country (350 Baht) and passes the portico of the rating foreigner always, mixed couples form again a few meters away. Wow, there are the world! Wat Phra Keo, it shines, it's overload decorations but it is beautiful, I must confess. I shoot a lot with my little camera: the statues, buildings, and even the golden chedi replica of the temple of Angkor. Longer need to go at once, cool hey, that to save! The sun is EXTREMELY hard, my water bottle is empty unbelievable speed; This is not evaporating, it's me that wood and wood and wood yet. Although I rarely quenches thirst with water as hot dip without having a bag of tea.
Bangkok - Wat Phra Keo
Bangkok - Wat Phra Keo statue
The Grand Palace impresses me less. I had fun watching the parade guards in white uniforms visibly for folklore and the sublime young Russian girl who asked her mother to immortalize all the facades of the building by taking a pose worthy of a fashion show and I got out of the enclosure towards Wat Pho. He had missing. This time, layer or not, I'll visit the Buddha! Then I embarked for the modest sum of 3 baht on the shuttle that goes from this shore up its counterpart across the nearest Wat Arun. That, s it's done, I saw all the monuments must-see in Bangkok. I can go back to France! Finally, no, I think I'll stay and finally go see the sea
Bangkok - Grand Palais Palace
Wat Po - bouddha
Re-Chao Phraya Express, re-skytrain and I'm back to PB Hotel after a short stop in my massage room favorite.

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