Satchanalai is the Angkor of Thailand ! No, really it reminded me of the Cambodian place. Sukhothai is beautiful but it's so sterile. In Sri Satchanalai nature has not been tamed, shaped by man. And the remains are in my opinion better preserved.
So this morning I decided to go over there. It's ja little complicated but it's worth it! I first take the same bus to go to the Sukhothai Historical Park, but stop at the Bus Terminal . From there, there are a few bus to Chang Mai which mark the stop where he is. All do not. Buses depart about every two hours. I take the 9am one. On the way the bus runs near a temple with a huge Buddha sitting outside and in perfect synchronisation all passengers on this side of the bus joined their hands and marks an inclination of the head.
After one hour the officer said "Si Satchanalai, Si Satchanalai" and the bus stopped in the middle of nowhere. I went down with four other tourists. We are quickly face to face with a bike renter. He briefs us, gives us a site map and bikes and we go on the long suspension bridge that leads to the first temple, Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat.
Azur Satchanalai-Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat
After few kilometers on a small and very pleasant country road I enter in the historic park. It is much wilder than Sukhothai. I visit Wat Chang Lom ans its chedi with a base supported by elephants. The place is so remarkable that even the monks visit it. I crossed one witn a camera.
Azur Satchanalai-Wat Chang Lom
On the top of a little hill overlooking the rest of the park and accessible by a stair of stone are my two favorite temples here. Not because they are the most beautiful but because they are really into nature and so peaceful. To go from one to another it takes a short path through the forest.
Azur Satchanalai
foret If Satchanalai
If Satchanalai - Historical Park
After having taken my bike again, ride it in the alleys of the park and then again on the small road that brings me back to the bridge, I restored i to its owner. And after a long wait I find myself standing in a crowded bus, direction Sukhothai .
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